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Group Management


The Scout Group is led by a Group Scout Leader with the support of the Group Executive Committee.  This committee consists of the Group Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer, Section Leaders and parent representatives.  The Group Executive Committee exists to support the Group Scout Leader in meeting the responsibilities of the appointment and is responsible for:

• the maintenance of Group property;
• the raising of funds and the administration of Group finance;
• the insurance of persons, property and equipment;
• Group public occasions;
• assisting in the recruitment of Leaders and other adult support;
• appointing any sub-Committees that may be required;
• appointing Group Administrators and Advisers other than those who are elected.



The Group is financed in two ways :

Membership Fees: This is currently £13 per month, please read the attached letter from the Group Treasurer for further details on methods of payment (Standing Order form also attached) & GIFT AID

Treasurer’s Letter (incl gift aid form)

standing order

Fund Raising: The role of the Supporters Committee is to organise events that: 

  • Raise funds to maintain the Scout Hut & purchase new equipment 
  • Help promote a “Group” spirit within all sections, parents & the local community

At present we do not have a Supporters Committee so if you can spare a little bit of time – perhaps a couple of hours one evening a month or a few extra hours to help at an event – please make yourselves known to the Chairman or a Leader.

The money received covers: –

  • Annual fees to District, County and National bodies for insurance and leader training.  
  • Money is also required to cover the main bills of the hut such as rent, electricity, water, cleaning, maintenance of the grounds and insurance. However, for major repairs the group still has to look to fund raising and donations.  
  • The purchase and upkeep of camping/games equipment 
  • Badges and scarves 
  • Cost of running most meetings, including equipment





Group Scout Leader                    Kieran Burns

Assistant Group Scout Leader    James Blythin

Scout Leader                              Jeff Nayler

Assistant Scout Leader              Jonathan Hollamby

Assistant Scout Leader              Jemma Finch

Cub Scout Leader                      Ben Seager

Assistant Cub Scout Leader       Claire Rendell

Assistant Cub Scout Leader       Position Vacant

Assistant Cub Scout Leader       Position Vacant

Section Assistant – Cubs            Nigel Hadley

Beaver Scout Leader                  David Elphick

Assistant Beaver Scout Leader   Alison Brook

Assistant Beaver Scout Leader   Clyde Mackey



Chairman                                    David Brockis

Vice Chairman                            Position Vacant

Treasurer                                    Steven Mooney

Secretary                                    Amanda Causer

Social Events/Fundraising          Position Vacant

HQ Maintenance Co-ordinator    John Weir

Quarter Master                            Neil Emberley

Parent Representatives 

    Scouts                                    Matt Mitchell

    Cubs                                       Nick Hayes

    Beavers                                  Elfrieda Smith


As at last AGM, July 2016

Scout Sections:

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